Bullet-proof Plate
Bullet-proof vest is used to resist the harm of bullets to the human body. For the threat of ordinary pistols, soft body armor can achieve good protection effect, but for high-speed bullets fired by rifles or certain steel core warheads, soft and hard bullet-proof products must be used. The combination method is to superimpose hard bullet-proof chest inserts on key parts (mainly 12/23/2021front and back of the internal organs) on the basis of the soft bullet-proof vest, thereby effectively reducing the damage to the human body by the warhead. Therefore, soft bullet-proof vest and bullet-proof plate inserts are necessary components for human protection.

  Feature Of Product:


   1)   Excellent bullet-proof protection and high energy absorption capacity.

   2)   Waterproof and anti-deformation.

   3)   Stable, anti-aging, and long service life.

   4)   Low density, very easy to install and disassemble.

  Product Specifications:

     The bullet-proof plate produced by Sinty has passed the authoritative inspection of the Ministry of Public Security of China, and the products are fully up to the standard in various levels of issued "inspection reports" .

  Product Model: 

 * Material: PE          * Size: 25*30cm           * Bullet-proof level: NIJ IIIA             * Weight: 0.45/0.55kg±0.05kg

 * Material: ceramic composite           * Size: 25*30cm           * Bullet-proof level: NIJ IIIA-IV

* Remarks: It can be painted and printed according to user‘s requirements. Please consult our company for the specific product specification usage solution.