Bullet-proof Helmets
Bullet-proof helmets are mainly used for combat personnel who equip troops, and the helmets suitable for domestic police are public security helmets. The main material of the bullet-proof helmet produced by Sinty is made of high-strength bullet-proof material, which can effectively prevent the 7.62mm lead-core bullet fired by the 54-type pistol(7.62x25 Caliber, 8 Round, Semi-Auto). While preventing the penetration of the bullet, it can effectively absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet, and it is more likely to reduce the impact to head injury.

  Product Characteristics:

  We use UHMWPE fiber and thermoplastic resin as raw materials to produce bullet-proof helmets with the following characteristics:

1)   Low density and good anti-ballistic performance.

2)   Anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance.

3)   Maximize the protection of the neck from shrapnel and bullets.

            4)   The product can provide various bullet-proof helmets with various. 

            5)   Protection levels according to customer needs.

 Product Specifications:

  * Material: PE/Aramid     * Grade: NIJ III & IIIA     * Size: M &L & XL     * Model: FAST & PASGT/M88 & MICH2000 & WENDY