We are committed to creating a better future together.

To build a low-carbon society, protect water resources, promote sustainable development, and realize the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Environmental Protection

To create a better future, you and us!

  • To build low-carbon society

    To advance the use of clean energy, Sinty taking advantage of its own R&D technology by introducing wind power and other means to effectively reduce the carbon emissions caused by combustion. In order to achieve government’s goal in energy saving and emission reduction, Sinty contribute its bit in it.
  • To promote sustainable development

    Relying on its strong R&D technical team, Sinty actively promotes the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Promoting research and development as well as application on new technologies, effectively extend the lifespan of materials, that greatly reduce the cost and save nature.
  • Protecting natural resources

    Sinty is committed to the research of anti-pollution, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation as well as other technologies to reduce the large-scale pollution caused by various bulk goods in the transportation and manufacturing process; meanwhile, Sinty carry out a system of recycling to contribute a lit in global natural resource protection.
  • Environmental friendly

    Sinty strictly implements the requirements of the quality control system to ensure stable product performance. Made by Sinty product has excellent performance in terms of wear and corrosion resistance. What's more, ensure no harmful substances will be decomposed nor chemical hazards will be caused to the natural environment regardless of the application field.

Human Resources

Innovative talents and hard-working teams are the source of Sinty’s core competitiveness.

Enable the improvement of all staff’s personal abilities and exerting team strength, Sinty expands sound and stable.
  • To cultivate actively and make progress continuously

    Team is our greatest resource. In Sinty, everyone’s respected and feel free to strive for a better one. We are committed to create a fair platform that each individual shall give full play to his/her capabilities.

    Sinty is fully committed to the training of employees, so that one can correctly understand company's road map and to the best of one’s ability to achieve a win-win situation 

  • Respect

    Sinty has been in its effort to promote a work-life balance and provides various support and humanized management. Sinty helps everyone to give his/her full play to their personal abilities at work, so that each one shall be in line with actual situation and values and work with peace of mind under the premise.

Public Service Activities

Corporate responsibility and mutual development

We continue to carry out various social welfare activities

Since establishment, Sinty has actively responded to the call of the National Arbor Day and invested particular funds every year to promote ecological health and sustainable development

Adhering to the concept of "actively cultivating the younger generation", Sinty recruits young graduates from different colleges and universities for internships every year to help them improve their ability to adapt to changes from campus to working environment. Not only Sinty may recruit new blood, but also contribute to society on the growth and training of the young.