Sinty ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, which is lightweight, high-strength, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, high impact resistance, high specific energy absorption, anti-conductivity, anti-cutting, anti-electromagnetic wave, is the field of marine and aviation, industrial and personal protection , The first choice in the field of outdoor sports, construction and biology. At present, it mainly includes: antiviral fiber, antibacterial fiber, colorless fiber, colored fiber, long fiber, short fiber.


 Feature Of Product:

The first domestic enterprise to 

research and produce colored silk


    Sinty ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder with a molecular weight of more than 5 million as the raw material. It is ultra-stretched by gel spinning technology, and is formed with its inherent high orientation and high crystallinity. The special fiber with ultra-high strength and modulus. This type of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid fiber are ranked as the three high-performance special fibers in the world today, also known as the "king of fibers". The application range is extremely wide.

 Sinty ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber has a linear molecular structure with a high degree of orientation, with high specific strength, high modulus, small specific gravity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, low temperature resistance, tension resistance, impact resistance and biocompatibility Superior performance and other advantages, its various performance indicators have been tested by professional testing departments, reaching industry-leading standards. Sinty ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is widely used in many fields such as bullet-proof and stab-proof, sports, wire mesh cables, building reinforcement, and biomimetic materials, and is well received by the market.


Sinty ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene staple fiber has superior spinnability and can be used in various specifications of non-woven and cotton spinning products. It can effectively improve the mechanical properties, wear resistance and weather resistance of the fabric. It is suitable for sportswear, sports equipment, and various Labor insurance supplies. At the same time, because the UHMWPE staple fiber has a higher degree of freedom, it can be uniformly dispersed in various matrices, and it is suitable for making composite material reinforced skeletons and building reinforcement materials, such as fiber reinforced concrete, which can significantly improve the compression resistance of concrete Strength, flexural strength and split tensile strength.

 Product specifications:

 * Sinty UHMWPE Yarn Parameters

 * Sinty UHMWPE Covered Yarn And Twisted Yarn

 * Comparison Of Parameters Between Sinty UHMWPE And Other Materials

  Fiber Color Card (personalized customization):


 Application Area:

      * Police protection: bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof helmets, explosion-proof blankets, bullet-proof boards, etc.

      * Bullet-proof armor: bullet-proof armor for armored vehicles, police cars, yachts and helicopters, etc.

      * Offshore engineering: drill floor, anchor rope, traction rope, mooring rope, end hoist tether, etc.

      * Labor protection: anti-cutting gloves, anti-cutting clothing, etc.

      * Aerospace:aircraft wing tip structure, spacecraft composite material structure and buoy aircraft, space shuttle components, etc.

      * Marine fishery: fishing nets, mariculture cages, rescue ropes, towing ropes, sailing ropes, fishing lines, etc.

     * Outdoor sports: climbing rope, parachute rope, sailing rope, kite line, fishing line, helmet, snowboard, windsurfing, fishing rod, racket, ultra-light weight aircraft parts, etc.

      * Biological materials: dental floss, dental tray materials, medical implants, plastic sutures, etc.

     * Industrial fields: pressure-resistant containers, conveyor belts, filter materials, automobile buffer plates, crane ropes, wind Power cables, etc.

     * Construction field: wall, diaphragm structure, reinforced cement composite material, etc.